If you want to improve your accent and your everyday Spanish our teachers will help you developing your practical communication skills, with special emphasis on pronunciation, clarity and accent.

At CactusBCN we teach Spanish every day to many students. We know that one of their main worries is to find a good conversation group where they can improve their speaking.

That’s why, we created the ULTIMATE RECIPE FOR SPANISH CONVERSATION CLASSES. Check it out:

1. Find a group where you can speak ONLY SPANISH -> We do it

2. Then, it would be great to speak with other INTERESTING PEOPLE -> We connect them

3. It is good to meet interesting people, but get to know them in a SMALL GROUP -> We set the maximum number of participants up to 8

4. It is amazing to meet interesting people… but it is boring to speak every time about the same topics! -> We will introduce you to DIFFERENT TOPICS and Spanish current affairs via newspapers, magazines, shortfilms and other sources of media

5. Unfortunately, just speaking… is not enough! -> We propose DIFFERENT DYNAMICS and activities such as debate, role play, dialogues or spoken presentations

6. Probably, you will need some help -> All our sessions are guided by a Spanish NATIVE PROFESSIONAL TEACHER!

7. Finally, mix all the ingredients in a quiet, confortable, and COZY PLACE. Ideally with a hot cup of TEA and cookies  -> We have that


If you want to taste it, just join us… and enjoy!

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes lessons
Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 13.45. Sometimes we offer other schedules if requested. If you have a different availability, contact us and we will inform you about the current conversation groups.
Levels: A2.2 to C2
Class-size: 4-8 students per class
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Dates: Please check the dates on our calendar page
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