In CactusBcn we believe that learning a language in class is just a small step so that each student can make the most of his time and go further in learning Spanish. That’s why in our school we offer different activities in order to help the students in the process of discovering and immersion of the new language.Our team is formed by a group of enthusiastic teachers who decided to start their own language school project after traveling the world teaching Spanish.



Do you want to learn how to prepare a paella? Or maybe do you want to go deeply in regional Spanish cuisine? You can do it in CactusBcn! Our teachers will take to to La Boqueria market to buy all the ingredients required to prepare this famous Spanish dish. Have fun while you learn spanish language and culture!



¿Do you want to learn Spanish from a different point of view? If you are interested in culture, cinema or literature you can come to our courses in CactusBcn. We have new topics of discussion every week.



Raval district is full of small spots that can be missed if you don’t know them. Only local people who has been living there for generations know interesting historical anecdotes from the place. If you are interested in learning more about history and odd stories about Barcelona come to CactusBcn and our teachers will take you around the city!