Improve your Spanish
speaking skills

With many years of experience in teaching Spanish, we know that speaking is usually the hardest skill to achieve. In our conversation classes you will cover a wide range of activities that will teach you how to express yourself with confidence. We propose new topics every week and  introduce you to Spanish current affairs using newspapers, magazines, films and other sources of media. You will enjoy your Spanish lessons and get to know interesting people in class. But don’t worry, not too many people! Our groups are limited to 8 students so that you have plenty of time to practise and receive personal attention from your teacher.  You can book conversation classes independently or in addition to our courses.


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Our students say

After researching many language schools in Barcelona CactusBcn seemed like the best value Spanish language school. The school is very small with only two teachers and small class sizes. My teacher is amazing and by far the best language teacher I have had. The teaching style involves a lot of conversation and interaction between the teacher and students in a very relaxed environment, which is perfect for learning conversational Spanish quickly. I highly recommend CactusBcn and I will definitely take more classes there in the future.

Bart Sherbon, Australia

These ladies are the best! You can tell they truly enjoy what they are doing, have great energy and are always looking for ways to personalize a program that works for you. I have taken private and group lessons and have found both formats to be really great. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Gina Motto-Ros, USA

Excellent place to get started and carry on!! Reasons are: there isn’t a coarse contract and is a month to month payment. Therefore if you have to leave on holiday and come back it’s great or if you feel you good same. You don’t have to buy extra books and the price is the best out of any school. Stop researching and apply. I’ve done all the research and this school is perfect!!! It’s central, right next to Liceu metro station so you can get there from anywhere.!!! Teachers are soooo friendly and extremely patient. You can find a smile on their faces every day!!! The coarse and learning experience is amazing. In 1 month I can serve customers and speak basic Spanish to my customers at my bar.

Angelo Sirocco, South Africa

I’ve been studying Spanish with Marta at Cactus for three months now. It’s a really amazing experience of studying a new language.The reason I chose Cactus because they have small class for each level. Teachers can take care of each students. I feel a lot of different between other language schools. In the class the activities are interesting, and teacher is full of patient and passionate. I improved a lot about my grammar and vocabularies. I’m looking forward to take more classes at Cactus in the future. So, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend Cactus for everyone!😊

Judith Huang, Taiwan

Frequently asked questions

In order to join a conversation group you need to have completed A2 level. That means that you are able to understand frequently-used phrases and expressions related to relevant personal experiences (basic information on you and your family, shopping, places of interest, activities etc.). You are able to communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks that don’t require more than the simple and direct exchange of information about familiar or habitual matters. You are able to describe in simple terms aspects of your past and environment, as well as issues related to your basic needs.

Contact us in order to set an appointment at the school and check your level. We can also inform you better at the school about availability and schedule for each level.

Maximum of 8 students in each group being the average 5 students.

You can join any of our groups any time as soon as there is a spot available and the group suits your level. Contact us in order to set an appointment at the school and check your level. We can also inform you better at the school about availability and schedule for each level.

You can pay at the school by card or cash. You can also register online and pay by bank transfer. Contact us in order to receive the registration form and payment details.

Our group lessons are paid monthly. For conversation lessons, you can take your first lesson without booking a monthly course. You don’t need to start on the 1st day of each month. Whenever you start your Spanish course, you will pay for 4 weeks. After your last lesson, you can extend your Spanish lessons monthly as many months as you want.

Unfortunately, students won’t get a refund if they cancel their course. Also, classes that are missed due to a student’s absence cannot be recovered, even with a medical document. Please, visit our page about cancellations and refunds to see the terms and conditions that apply to cancellations and refunds.

Students must be adults (at least 18 year old). We offer private lessons for students under 18 years old.

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