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Terms & Conditions

Student Conduct

  1. All students are required to attend booked classes, notify the school in case of absence and respect other students, teachers and staff. The school reserves the right to cancel a course without refund in circumstances where a student is found to be in breach of the schools code of conduct.

    Student Conduct – Live online lessons

  2. To attend live online classes, students will need:

    a desktop/laptop computer (preferred) or a mobile device (tablet, smartphone)

    a reliable Internet connection
    a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone
    a working webcam

    To ensure an optimal learning experience for all, our students must commit to respecting our virtual classroom rules. This means they must actively participate in their class and have their microphone and webcam turned on at all times, so that their teacher and the other students can interact with them freely, as they would in any face-to-face classroom.

    Course Bookings

  3. The minimum age for students is 18 years old.
  4. All students with the exception of beginner level, are required to take a level test.
  5. Course fees must be fully paid before the start date of the course. The school reserves the right to cancel the student’s reservation in case of non-payment.
  6. The school is not responsible for students’ bank charges. 
  7. Refunds will be made using the same method of payment the student used to book their course.

    Online Bookings 

  8. Once the payment is completed, students will receive a confirmation email and in less than 72 hours a tutor will contact them to make sure they have chosen the right level and resolve any doubts they may have before starting their classes.
  9. If the level is not right, the tutor will help student to find the perfect group for their level. If none of the groups available are suitable for the student’s level, the school will refund 100% of money back.

    Course Basics
  10. The school does not offer trial lessons, unless they are part of a special promotion.
  11. One hour of class is equivalent to 60 minutes.
  12. The minimum number of students per class is three and the maximum is six. CactusBCN Languages reserves the right to increase the maximum class size if necessary.
  13. The school reserves the right to change course structures and timetables when necessary.
  14. The school reserves the right to alter a student’s study program in order to more effectively meet the students learning needs and levels.
  15. For organizational reasons, the school may have to substitute a course teacher. All substitute teachers are experienced and qualified.
  16. The school reserves the right not to start a course if it does not have the minimum number of students enrolled.
  17. Students are not allowed to take pictures (screenshots for online lessons) or record videos during the lessons without informing the teacher or the school.
  18. Classes that are missed due to the student’s absence cannot be recovered or refunded, even with a medical document.
  19. Full or partial reproduction of any of the school’s materials (books, videos or CDs) is prohibited under copyright law.


    Course Changes
  20. Students are not permitted to defer or change their course once it has been booked. 
  21. All students who wish to make changes to their course schedule must notify the school in writing by email. The school will try to adapt the course to the students needs, but if  might be not possible for organizational reasons.
  22. A course reservation is assigned on an individual basis and can therefore not be re-assigned or transferred to another student.
  23. Group classes cannot be converted into private lessons.

    Course Cancellations
  24. All students who wish to cancel their course must notify the school in writing by email. 
  25. Students who cancel their course 60 days or more before the course start date will get 100% refund of their course.
  26. Students will not get a refund if they cancel their course with less than 60 days notice.
  27. Classes that are missed due to a student’s absence cannot be recovered, even with a medical document.
  28. If students cannot attend classes because of illness, they can contact the school to get information on what they have missed in class and try to keep up by studying at home. Unfortunately, they cannot recover the lesson or get a refund.

    Private Lessons

  29. One hour of class is equivalent to 60 minutes.
  30. Private lessons can be for 1 to 3 students.
  31. Private lessons must be in session for a minimum of 1 hour and at least 1 session per week
  32. Schedule and content are flexible. A personalized program will be elaborated according to the student’s request.
  33. The student has to plan at least the first 3 classes on the day of enrollment. Changes depend on the availability of the teachers and have to be asked for by email.
  34. Private lessons expire 3 months after their purchase date.
  35. Cancellations have to be notified to CactusBCN Languages with a 24 hour notice, except classes scheduled for Mondays which must be cancelled latest by Friday 19:00. We request that you always notify the school by phone, e-mail or Whatsapp. Nonattendance without notification will be considered as a cancellation.
  36. If the student is delayed, the lost time won’t be made up for. If the delay is greater than 30 minutes, the teacher is not obliged to wait and the class will be canceled.

    Gift Vouchers

  37. Gift vouchers have a validity of 12 months (365 days) after their purchase.
  38. Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.


  39. The certificate the school offers is an attendance certificate, stating the dates of the course, the total number of study hours and the final level the student will reach. This certificate is not equivalent to an official DELE Certificate.
  40. Issuing the certificate is free of charge, as its cost is already included in the registration fee.
  41. In order to receive the school certificate, the student has to attend at least 80% of the classes.
  42. The certificates are only prepared upon request. Students must request the certificate at the beginning of their final course week at the latest. The certificates will be send only by email. All requests received in the last days of the course will be processed in the following week.

    Upon signing the student online enrolment form or paying the course fees, the student accepts all terms and conditions stated above.
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